EXCLUSIVE: Snooki’s Boyfriend Proposes!

The romance between Jersey Shore queen Snooki and ex-Iraq veteran Jeff Miranda has gotten so serious that he has decided to propose, and only RadarOnline.com has exclusive photos and details!

PHOTOS: Snooki’s Boyfriend Proposes!

Jeff Miranda is featured on the cover of the September 10 issue of Steppin’ Out Magazine and that is where he pops the question to Snooki. “Will You Marry Me?” is printed over a shot of a shirtless Jeff, wearing fatigues while down on one knee.

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In the exclusive excerpts from his interview, obtained by RadarOnline.com, Jeff tells Steppin’ Out editor Chaunce Hayden why he decided to propose to Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

“I want us to be together forever. I could see us having children. I want to pop the question to her. If we got married we would be the best parents around. She’s so loving and puts everyone else before her self. She’ll be a great mother.”

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He admits that Snooki is going to be shocked by his magazine cover proposal, but he isn’t worried that she’ll say no. Once she deals with the shock I think they’ll say yes. I really do. In fact, I know she’ll say yes.”

Miranda says he doesn’t think MTV will be very happy about his proposal but that isn’t stopping him from trying to get married to Snooki.

“I love her and want to be with her,” Jeff gushes about the 22-year old tan reality TV star and promises that they’ll be happy together.

“I will never break her heart. She’s such a great girl. If people could see us together they would think we’re a match made in heaven. People think I’m using her for fame. But that’s bullsh*t.”

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Jeff Mirandi addressed the difficulty of living with a reality star surrounded by cameras.  “It came with the territory. But I’m willing to put up with it for Nicole. I just want to be with Nicole and make her happy. I can make her the happiest girl in the world. I have very strong feelings for her.”

Since the magazine isn’t out for two weeks Snooki will be learning from RadarOnline.com that he boyfriend has proposed. How romantic!!

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