VIDEO: Zac Snacks On Scorpions, Crickets & Worms

Zac Efron’s not only got a six-pack, he’s got a cast iron stomach behind it.

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Efron appeared on Lopez Tonight Thursday, and host George Lopez challenged the Charlie St. Cloud star’s reputation that he’s open to eat just about anything.

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“If there is something and and everyone’s afraid to eat it, I’m open to try new things,” Efron said, noting that he’s eaten delicacies like live larvae (“tastes like creamed corn”) in the past.

That’s when Lopez brought out a few special dishes for the adventurous Efron to sink into: Scorpion toast, Taiwan Crickets and a Super-Worm Cocktail.

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The soft-spoken teen idol rocked it like a hurricane, munching on all three nonchalantly, as if he were eating potato chips. Efron said his least favorite was the worm cocktail, after which Lopez pitched a few of the worms into his studio audience.

The former High School Musical star, 22, also commented on the success of the heir apparent to his teen idol throne, Justin Bieber.

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“He’s doing good man, he’s doing good,” Efron said.

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Lopez Tonight airs on TBS weeknights at 11/10c; the show will move to midnight when new TBS hire Conan O’Brien takes over the 11 p.m. slot; Charlie St. Cloud, co-starring Hollywood greats Ray Liotta and Kim Basinger, opens Friday.

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