VIDEO: Zac Efron Jokes About Visiting Strip Club

Zac Efron is best known for being the fresh-faced kid from Disney’s High School Musical series, so it was a tad surprising to hear he was spotted spending big bucks at a New York City strip club Sunday, a far cry from his normally squeaky-clean image.

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The former High School Musical star, now 22, joked about his visit on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday, saying  he’s “cutting back right now.

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“I’m trying to keep it between, like you know, three or four nights a week,” Efron said.

Asked if he spent $2,000 at the club (a number reported by some outlets),  Efron said, “It was like $6 … I don’t think I opened my wallet.”

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Kimmel asked him how he deals with the situation with his lovely girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, 21.

Said Efron: “It’s like how do you even start that conversation … it ‘s hard.”

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Efron’s new movie, Charlie St. Cloud, co-starring Hollywood greats Ray Liotta and Kim Basinger, opens Friday . July 30.

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