VIDEO: Jersey Shore's Fantastic Four On The Today Show

On the day of their long-awaited second season premiere, Snooki, J-WOWW, Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino appeared  live by  satellite from  –where else-  the Jersey shoreline on The Today Show Thursday, and has all the latest for you on the Garden State gang.

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When host Matt Lauer asked about the cast’s recent contract negotiations, Snooki said, “We don’t come here to talk about money; we come here to party. We haven’t discussed those things, and we shouldn’t. We just come here to have a good time.”

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Lauer asked the quartet how they feel about the editing of the show, and if  it’s geared to make them appear a certain way.

“When we come here, we don’t think about what’s going to be cut and screwed — we just come out to have a good time,” Snooki said. “We don’t think about it, because if you do, you’ll drive yourself crazy and you won’t be yourself.”

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Pauly D chimed in, saying: “The best thing about our show is we’re all ourselves. It’s not scripted; we’re just doing what we normally would do, and they catch it on film.”

On Wednesday, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie roasted the MTV reality stars on The Today Show, saying: “I have enough problems here … I mean, $11 billion deficit, I got to take Snooki and The Situation also? Come on — [there’s only] so much a man can take, Matt.”

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Christie also said the stars don’t accurately represent the state, as most of them aren’t actually authentic New Jersey natives (Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola is, hailing from Hazlet).

In retort, Snooki said the show is about “the shore and having a good time.

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“You can be from Connecticut, whatever New York … you come down here and you have a good time,” Snooki said.

The new season of Jersey Shore  premieres Thursday , July 29  on MTV at 10/9c.

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