VIDEO: Bachelorette Ali Sobs After Getting Duped By Frank, Dumped In Tahiti

By Jon Boon - Radar Reporter

Who's a naughty boy then?

Two male students were forced to hold hands for an hour in front of their classmates at a high school in Arizona as punishment for fighting, reports.

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Freshman Charles Crockett, 14, and a sophomore known only as Julio, got into an altercation during a P.E. class at Westwood High in Mesa on Wednesday.

The principal Tim Richards told the boys to either hold hands for an hour in the middle of the campus or be suspended.

Ali Fedotowsky has been been duped by two men this season on ABC’s The Bachelorette Justin “Rated R” Rego left a couple weeks ago after being outted for having two girlfriends back home, and on Monday night, Frank Neuschaefer dumped her for his ex-girlfriend back in Chicago.

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“Today I’m supposed to be on my way to Tahiti,  but I’m in Chicago. I came here to fall in love with Ali and I did, but there’s something holding me back,” Frank said.

“Am I still in love with Nicole? Or am I ready to give myself to Ali?”

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Nicole is the woman Frank dated before going on The Bachelorette to find love with Ali. After spending time with Nicole in Chicago, Frank realized he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life — and not with Ali.

“It’s sickening to think that you could be getting closer and deeper with somebody other than myself,” Nicole said, begging Frank to “come home.”

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Ali spent her first day in Tahiti with Roberto Martinez where the two went on a helicopter ride to a romantic heart shaped lagoon. “I feel like proposing is right around the corner,” Roberto said. “And I feel good about that.

“I would be so lucky to have Ali as my wife,” Roberto said. “I can say I’ve never felt this way this quickly about anybody and it’s awesome.”

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After sharing the afternoon together,  Ali presented Roberto with the “fantasy suite” key and the couple retreated to a secluded bugalow on the water where they spent the night together.

The next day, Ali took Chris L. on a yacht ride where they appeared more passionate and lovey than ever. “I can’t believe how in such a short time I’ve become connected to Ali,” Chris said.

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“Here I am in Tahiti with a strong possibility that I could end up proposing to Ali. Falling in love with Ali feels  right; it feels natural.”

Upon finding pearls in oysters on the beach together, Ali compared her relationship with Chris to a pearl — slow to develop, but after time you could end up with something really beautiful.

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The two shared a romantic dinner on a private island, and then like her date with Roberto, they retreated for the night to the “fantasy suite.”

After arriving in Tahiti, Frank sat down for a heart-to-heart with host Chris Harrison to explain that he is in love with Nicole. The two then discussed how he was going to give the heartbreaking news to Ali.

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“Frank and I have an amazing connection,” Ali said in anticipation of her date with him. “I’m head over heels for him!”

“Basically it was unresolved feelings for an ex-girlfriend,” Frank explained to Ali as she sat crying in shock. “The second I saw her [Nicole] all the old feelings came rushing back.”

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Ali calls out Frank as being cowardly for not telling her sooner that he was having feelings for his ex-girlfriend. “I did not see this coming…I had no idea,” Ali sobbed. “I was so looking forward to just falling in love with Frank today and everything coming together.”

However, during the non-climactic rose ceremony Ali makes it clear that the remaining two are not there by default and that she’s “100 percent positive Frank is not the man” for her.

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