PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Seeks Some Cellulite Therapy

Lady Gaga’s penchant for daring, often skin-baring outfits proves she’s comfortable in her own skin, but even she wants some help toning those trouble spots.

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Seems Some Cellulite Therapy

The performer was spotted in New York on Thursday afternoon wearing a leotard-like outfit and fishnet stockings which highlighted her toned body- and the bit of cellulite on her legs!

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Though she already looks gorgeous, the singer seems to be seeking a remedy for her slight case of cottage cheese thighs: she was photographed entering the Tracy Anderson Gym.

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Gaga is putting her fitness in good hands. Anderson has worked with celebs like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow, most recently getting Paltrow in shape for Iron Man 2.

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