PHOTOS: Katy Perry Gets Wet N Wild For Her Teenage Dream

Katy Perry spent a good amount of time this week making out with a hunky brunette in a pool.

PHOTOS: Katy Perry Gets Wet N Wild For Her Teenage Dream

But not to worry Russell Brand lovers: the singer was in the middle of shooting a music video for her next single Teenage Dream.

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Perry brought the shoot to her hometown of Santa Barbara. “In my hometown. I got to cast all my friends in the new music vid for Teenage Dream = amazing insanity. This is Janell, she’s one of my dream girls…” Katy said in a Twitter message accompanying a photo of her with a pal.

Later she added excitedly: “Cut, copy, print, moving on! That’s a wrap for Teenage Dream! So gorgeous, I really can’t wait to see what Yoann Lemoine makes of it all!!!”

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In one steamy scene, Perry stripped down to a bra and underwear before jumping in a hotel swimming pool with actor Josh Kloss. As a crew looked on, the two cuddled and kissed for the cameras before calling it a wrap. Next up, she’ll host the Teen Choice Awards on August 9 on Fox.

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