Lindsay Lohan Dials It Down As Court Showdown Nears

Lindsay Lohan spent Sunday at the beach in Malibu at a private party that shockingly did not get wild and crazy.

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She was accompanied by her sister Ali and an old friend, legendary Brit DJ Paul Oakenfold, has learned.

Lindsay stayed at the party until after the local fireworks show ended at about 9 pm. Then she was off to the convenience store at a nearby gas station to replenish the party’s chips and soda supply — what a good guest —  and to get herself a hot coffee.

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Lindsay returned to the party for a few more hours and then headed home.

With her DUI probation violation hearing set for 8:30 am Tuesday, it looks like Lindsay has decided to put some of her socializing on hold.

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Judge Marsha Revel warned Lindsay during their last meeting, she would accept “no excuses” for Lindsay turning up late.

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