EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Danielle Staub Has Slept With Thousands Of Men, Claims Real Housewives Former Friend

The bitchy backlash between The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub and her ex-ally Kim G. has reached new depths of back-stabbing, RadarOnline.com reveals in an exclusive video.

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Staub’s shunned sidekick says that the reality TV villain has slept with countless men, “I’ve lost track. Maybe thousands, who knows? She’s in the business!” replied Kim G. when asked by Tom Murro of Celebrity Magnet.

“She spread her legs, look at her on the pole the last time we were at that place where we were on the pole – I looked like an idiot,” she added.

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Danielle is now rumored to have switched to dating women – and Kim says it’s because she can’t get a man!

“The reason why she’s with a woman now too is because you know why, guys don’t want to f*** her,” the mother-of-three said cattily.

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“I don’t think they want her,” she claimed, going on to say that she thinks the new woman in her life was pursued by Staub. “I think she’s going after her, maybe they feed off each other because one wants one for one reason and one wants it for another.

“Then she’ll be on her own,” she predicted.

In her final tribute to her former pal – Kim commits a truly classy act by giving her the finger and telling the world that she has “no more love” for Danielle.

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