EXCLUSIVE: Radar To Release New Bombshell Mel Tape; Threatens To Burn Down House

Yes, it keeps getting worse.

RadarOnline.com will shortly release another bombshell audio tape in which Mel Gibson – ranting and raving – threatens his then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

In the often graphic and explicit tape – soon to be posted exclusively on RadarOnline.com – an out of control Gibson threatens to burn down the house, but he says, before he does, Oksana must do something.

EXCLUSIVE NEW AUDIO: Mel Gibson Admits Hitting Oksana, Threatens To Kill Her – Listen To It Here

Also on the new audio, the disgraced actor/director admits that he is in therapy, and issues a dire warning to Oksana which involves their baby daughter, Lucia.

For the complete story behind this latest exclusive Mel tape, and to hear it for yourself, keep checking back with RadarOnline.com.

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Radar To Release New Mel Audio Tape In Which He Threatens To Kill Oksana

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