EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Probation Report “Explosive”

UPDATE: Judge Marsha Revel, deputy district attorney Danette Meyers and Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley went into the judge’s chambers shortly after 8:30 am PT. Lindsay is sitting in the courtroom with her her civil attorney, Ed McPherson. They came back into the courtroom a few moments later and started the proceedings.

Lindsay Lohan’s probation report contains material that is both “explosive and shocking” a source with knowledge of the situation exclusively tells RadarOnline.com.

That information will likely be made public Tuesday morning when Lindsay’s probation officer will take the stand in a Beverly Hills courtroom and be questioned by prosecutors who will want to know if LiLo is in compliance with conditions set under terms of her probation related to her 2007 DUI conviction. Those conditions include her not drinking alcohol and attending alcohol education classes.

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The Mean Girls star has been ordered to appear at Tuesday’s hearing, and if she is found to not be in compliance, she could be taken into custody immediately, and put behind bars.

The probation department has randomly drug-tested Lindsay once a week since her May 26 court appearance.

Meanwhile, as RadarOnline.com previously reported, the District Attorney prosecuting Lohan will ask a judge during Tuesday’s hearing to force the court-ordered alcohol program overseeing the troubled actress’ rehabilitation to turn over its records immediately.

Danette Meyers, the deputy district attorney, served the Right On Program with subpoenas last month.

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But she revealed to RadarOnline.com exclusively that the “alcohol education program has failed to provide… records about her attendance, meetings, and progress reports.

“The state-authorized program is citing HIPPA and Title IX as to reasons for not turning over the documents — I have never had this happen with an alcohol education program involving anyone,” Meyers told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “This is a state-authorized program, and these are routine and common requests.

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“The alcohol education program is coming to court this morning with their own lawyers to object to the subpoena I served them with,” Meyers told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “It will probably be one of the first issues we deal with in court. The program is saying that they want me to look at the documents in closed court, and that the copies of the documents be destroyed immediately, and I will object to that.”

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel will rule if the Right On program is required to turn over the docs to Meyers, and whether or not staffers from the school will testify.

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Meyers told RadarOnline.com exclusively she wants to examine “SCRAM [representatives,] the probation officer assigned to Ms. Lohan’s case, and hopefully people from the [alcohol education] school.”

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Meyers said that it’s up to the judge to determine if Lohan has violated the terms of her probation, and if she has, what the punishment could be. (Lohan could face up to a year in custody if Revel rules that she stands in violation.)

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“If Ms. Lohan is found to be in violation, Judge Revel will ask me what my position is, but it’s only a recommendation,” Meyers told us. “We will just have to see how things go. If Judge Revel does find her in violation, Ms. Lohan could be remanded into custody immediately — it’s up to the judge.”

The probation violation hearing begins Tuesday at 8:30 am PST; stay tuned to RadarOnline.com for up-to-the-minute updates as the drama unfolds.

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