EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore Fan Frenzy Brings Booming Business To The Boardwalk

Snooki getting arrested is good for business at the real Jersey Shore. It’s a whole new experience for everyone in Seaside Heights this summer where the MTV cast members are back on the boardwalk while filming their third season of the show.

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RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal that while the cast received a cold reception when shooting season two in Miami, the Jersey Shore is excited by their home-coming.

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“The fans are going crazy and business owners are thrilled because the stores and the bars are packed,” a Shore native told RadarOnline.com. He added, “Tee-shirts with printed one-liners from the show are flying off the shelves.”

Top-sellers are shirts with infamous catchphrases like “Fist Pump,” “Come At Me, Bro,” “GTL,” and “Smush.”  One new Boardwalk game is called “Shoot the Guido.”

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Along with the normal deluge of summer tourists, the show has brought along with it an army of fans who follow the cast’s every move. “The front of the house is completely roped off because fans are camping out for hours just to see them and get a picture,” the source said.

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