COURT HEARING: Prosecutor Says Lindsay Boozed, And She Can Prove It

Deputy district attorney Danette Meyers told a judge in court Tuesday that Lindsay Lohan consumed alcohol – and she can prove it.

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It was part of the morning battle in Lindsay’s probation violation hearing, with Meyers winning the first battle and the judge ruling that the prosecution should have access to the documents from Lohan’s alcohol education class.

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The Right On Program had refused to turn them over despite a subpoena.

“The people allege that there was alcohol in her system and we have witnesses to prove that. It’s a violation of your direct order,” Meyers told Judge Marsha Revel.

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It was unclear if the witnesses are eyewitnesses or SCRAM officials who will talk about the alcohol-monitoring devices reliability.

One distinction that Meyers wanted to make is that Lindsay’s consuming alcohol would be a probation violation, not just a parole violation. A probation violation could send the actress to jail while a parole violation could simply result in increased bail.

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“The issue that she violated the bail is one issue,” Meyers told the judge. “But that she violated your order is another. It’s a violation of your continued probation because you’re not doing what the court told you to do.”

Lindsay’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley was given time to examine the documents from Lindsay’s alcohol education class and redact anything that is attorney-client privilege.

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She maintains Lindsay did not drink and says she has not had enough time to put together witnesses to challenge the reliability of the SCRAM bracelet.

At one point the judge told her that she had been involved in more than 70 cases where the bracelet was used and it never malfunctioned. Holley started to disagree.

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Meyers also maintained in court that the SCRAM bracelet had been tampered with.

Recess was taken as Holley redacted the documents. The case will continue and as has reported exclusively a source close to the situation says there is something “explosive” in Lindsay’s probation report.

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