Celebs Testify Against ‘Bling Ring’ Suspects

The celebrity burglars accused of robbing the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson and Orlando Bloom had those very stars take the stand against them in a closed door hearing, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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In indictments from the Los Angeles County Grand Jury unsealed Friday, it was revealed that the celebs testified two weeks ago. Fives suspects are facing multiple burglary charges as well as charges alleging receipt of stolen property and conspiracy.

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The group is accused of stealing more than $4 million worth of clothing, jewelry and other luxury items from the star’s homes.

And the research and planning that went into the detailed burglaries was also revealed in the unsealed documents.

The ring – which includes reality star Alexis Neirers – prepared floor plans and worked their way around security cameras during their year long thieving spree.

Alexis, star of Pretty Wild, is already serving an 18-day sentence after pleading no contest to one count of residential burglary.

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The new documents also reveal a number of new details including the fact that accused Roy Lopez, Jr, stole more than $2 million of jewelry from Paris Hilton’s home, and another defendant allegedly still has some of the goods.

The indictment bypasses the need for a preliminary hearing, meaning the defendants could go on trial later this year.

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The crimes targeted young celebrities with homes in the Hollywood Hills and took place between October 2008 and August 2009.

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The reputed members of the group are Nicholas Frank Prugo, 19, Rachel Lee, 19, Diana Tamayo, 20, Courtney Leigh Ames, 19 and Roy Lopez Jr., 28.

They have all pleaded not guilty and will have to return to court on August 12th. Other alleged victims include Megan Fox, Audrina Patridge and Ashley Tisdale.

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