The “Barefoot Bandit” Captured – Hollywood Lines Up To Make Movie About Teen Fugitive

Colton Harris-Moore, the so-called Barefoot Bandit, whose crime spree has entertained tens of thousands of Facebook fans, has been captured, can report.

The 19-year-old from Camano Island, Washington native was captured in the Bahamas.

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Harris-Moore’s odyssey began in 2007 when he was sentenced to four years in juvenile detention after being caught living in a vacant home.  He was sent to a group halfway house where he escaped out a window in 2008.

That’s when Harris-Moore really got busy.  He is a suspect in a string of car and boat robberies.  He is even believed to have stolen — and flown — at least five planes although he has no known pilot-training.

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The teen was said to have gone shoeless during many of his alleged crimes. His Facebook fans especially liked it when he left the chalk outline of footprints at a crime scene.

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Colton-Harris’ mother, Pam Kohler told the AP her son was convicted of his first crime, possession of stolen property, when he was 12.

Sources tell that several movie and TV producers have already contacted Ms. Kohler in hopes of tying up the rights to her son’s amazing story.

And his fans are already hawking T-Shirts saying “Let Colton Fly.”

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