VIDEO: Taylor Lautner – ‘Fans Want Me To Take Off My Shirt’

The Situation who? Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner talked about his rock-hard abs on The Today Show Monday and has the clip for you.

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Lautner, the 18-year-old stud who plays Jacob Black in Stephenie Meyer‘s wildly-popular Twilight series, said the thing he hears most from his fans are requests “to take your shirt off — a lot.

“And I just tell em, ‘You know what, not right now, but see it June 30 (Eclipse‘s release date),’” he said.

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Lautner said that the mystique about his body has even followed him into other movies, such as this spring’s Valentine’s Day, where he was asked to lose his shirt in a scene where he was walking to school — which had nothing to the film’s storyline.

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“I was like ‘what?’ That doesn’t even make any sense!’” Lautner said.

Eclipse hits theaters June 30.

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