VIDEO: Russell Brand Talks About The “Spinning Plates” Of Bachelorhood

The hilarious Russell Brand, currently engaged to pop-rocker Katy Perry, described on The View Friday his past sexual exploits, which included having sex with several women at the same time.

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When asked about his engagement to the I Kissed A Girl singer, Brand said it’s not that he was very promiscuous in his younger years, but rather “I was just very  thorough,” he jokingly told the panel of ladies.

The British funnyman, who turned 35 Friday, admitted that prior to his romance with Perry, he had trysts with up to five women at a single time in sowing his wild oats.

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“It was exhausting,” Brand said, comparing the wild romps to tending to a busy cafe. “It’s like spinning plates!”

Brand appeared on The View to promote his new comedy, Get Him To The Greek, which is in theaters now.

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