VIDEO: Levi Johnston Gives Kathy Griffin A Peek At His Playgirl Spread On My Life On The D List

The hilarious Kathy Griffin treated viewers to a trip to Alaska on Tuesday night’s episode of My Life On The D List.

And what would a trip to Alaska be without a cameo from Kathy’s self-proclaimed “future baby daddy”, Levi Johnston?

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The two-time Emmy Award winning Griffin was in Anchorage to perform her one-woman comedy show, but managed to sneak in a few days first with Levi, who gave her a tour of his Wasilla home -complete with dead stuffed animals everywhere – and a peek at his infamous Playgirl spread.

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“Whoa! What’s going on here? Whoa! That’s your a**!” Kathy told Levi, who jokingly shot back, “Don’t act like you haven’t seen it.”

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Johnston’s extended appearance on ‘D-List’ gave us a chance to see more of Levi that we’ve seen in the past; he came across as  a quiet, small-town guy with a dry sense of humor and capable of some surprisingly witty wisecracks.

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The 19-year-old dad  showed off his ‘manly-side’  while teaching Kathy some of his  favorite  Alaskan activities, which included taking her ice fishing, ice machining and hunting.

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While visiting City Hall, Kathy told Levi, “Now we’re not getting married today Levi. That’s moving a little fast for me,” to which Levi  dryly replied, “That’s the way I work.”

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Kathy attempted to find Sarah Palin,  but the former governor wasn’t at home. After checking with Sarah’s handyman, Kathy left Palin a note inviting her to her show.   Not surprisingly, Palin didn’t show.

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Levi and his manager Tank held a contest for Kathy’s assistant Tiffany in an attempt to find her a date, and Kathy ended the night with taking Levi to a gay bar where he proudly admitted, “I love the gays.”

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