VIDEO: Fergie Tells Oprah She Was Boozing During Undercover Video

The Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson told Oprah Winfrey she had been drinking and “not in her right place” when caught on tape accepting $40,000 from an undercover reporter in exchange for business access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew in a preview clip on Good Morning America Tuesday.

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“In the last four days, I’ve been traveling through airports, so I’ve seen [the video,] but I haven’t actually sat down and watched it,” Ferguson, 50, told Winfrey about the undercover video (in which she reportedly sipped from a wine glass while brokering the deal).

“I haven’t faced the devil in the face,” the red-headed royal said. “Because I was in the gutter at that moment … [I’d] been drinking, you know, [and] I was not in my right place.”

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In the video taken by a reporter from the UK tabloid News of the World, Ferguson reportedly accepted the money in exchange for access to the British business ambassador with the promise she “can open any door you want;” Scotland Yard has said Ferguson has done nothing illegal.

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The interview airs on Oprah Tuesday.

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