VIDEO: David Letterman Kids Around With ‘Wild Thing’ Miley Cyrus

She had it coming.

When Disney darling Miley Cyrus made her very first appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman Thursday night, the band played The Trogg’s classic song Wild Thing as she entered the stage.

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Cyrus may only be 17, but she’s definitely taken on a more controversial, adult look lately while promoting her new album, Can’t Be Tamed.

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Apparently, Letterman still sees Miley as a little girl, and noticeably called her a “kid” a dozen times, give or take.

Cyrus agreed, saying, “I’m still a kid and I still do kid things. Anyone who says, ‘She’s growing too quickly,’ doesn’t know me personally.”

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Cyrus also took the stage to perform Can’t Be Tamed, which has reached as high as the eighth spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Miley is currently dating actor Liam Hemsworth, her co-star in The Last Song.

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