VIDEO: Ashton Kutcher Jokes About Heidi Montag

Jay Leno, David Letterman and George Lopez watch out– Ashton Kutcher just nailed his first monologue.

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The star/producer appears on Lopez Tonight Tuesday night and takes on Heidi Montag. has a preview clip for you.

The star of Killers had some fun at the expense of The Hills star.

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“Last month construction was up by 2.7 percent, “ Ashton said, “guys it gets better—that was just on Heidi Montag.”

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Realizing the harshness of the joke, Ashton then says “that’s a really mean thing to say about somebody who is so awesome!”
His monologue continues “Check this out—she wants to be in the cast of Transformers 3 – she’d be perfect for the role all that transformation she’s going through.”

Ashton appears on Lopez Tonight on TBS at 11 p.m.on Tuesday.

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