Tasty Import: Actor Richard Reid

British import Richard Reid invited RadarOnline.com into his LA apartment Wednesday as he unpacked his bag from New Orleans – where he’d been shooting the Dermot Mulroney directed flick Love, Wedding, Marriage – and re-packed for jolly old England.

The hunky actor has grown up in Royal circles – his father works for The Queen – and he tells RadarOnline.com that even though it is almost summer, he still has to pack for the rain because “England is always rainy, and cold.”

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In spite of his Royal connections, Richard was “in awe” of his Love, Wedding, Marriage co-stars, including Kellan Lutz, Mandy Moore and James Brolin but he tells RadarOnline.com that it was a childhood favorite that really had him impressed.”It was such a great experience for me to be working with such great people. And there were the two generations, there was people like Kellan and Mandy and then there was also James Brolin and Jane Seymour, and Jane Seymour I remember watching as a little kid in James Bond movies so it was awesome and I was in awe the whole time I was there.”

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He’s all grown up now but fans of Harry Potter will remember Richard, who reveals to RadarOnline.com that he faced quite the challenge as a young actor: he had Dyslexia! “I remember I had the audition coming up and my Mom gave me this book of Harry Potter and said read it overnight and I’m dyslexic so I take ages to read so I started reading it fell asleep and woke up and went to the audition not knowing anything about it and then finished reading the book a few days later and realized what an incredible story it was.”

Check out the video to see Richard’s regal – and quirky – decorating touches!

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