To The Sea: With Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is back with his fifth studio album, To The Sea, which is sure to go straight to the top of the charts. The 35-year-old singer-songwriter has sold some 18 million records since his debut in 2001.

With his around-the-bonfire storytelling and breezy acoustics, the Hawaiian native captures a wide scope of emotional experiences that have attracted an equally varied fanbase, ranging from Gisele Bundchen to the Pre-K set.

Yes, that’s right, Johnson’s first-ever Number 1 album was the kiddie-friendly soundtrack for the film Curious George. On his last album, 2008’s chart-topping Sleep Through The Static, he got introspective, but now with To The Sea he’s back to what he knows best: beachside pop-rock and all the escapist imagery that goes with it.

“When I did my first album and everyone was like, ‘It’s the surfer guy!’ it made me go, OK, I’m never writing about the ocean, not gonna write about waves or anything like that,” Johnson said recently. “And then this album has the ocean, the sea, tides, waves. I think I just felt like, ‘I’ve been holding all these words back—here’s everything oceanic!”

The longtime environmental activist recorded the album in his eco-friendly studio in L.A., which is constructed from recycled lumber, bamboo, corkboard and recycled blue jeans, and run on solar energy. Said Johnson, “We’re making the smallest footprint that we could.”

In addition, Johnson will donate all the profits from his upcoming tour to environmental groups and other charities.

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