PHOTOS & VIDEO: Landon Donovan — The Hottest Bod & Goal Of The World Cup

Team USA has extended its time in the World Cup spotlight — thanks to a miraculous goal from Landon Donovan.

PHOTOS: Landon Donovan — The Hottest Bod Of The World Cup

Here at, we’ve decided to celebrate the 1-0 win over Algeria by taking at a look at the hot bods of Team USA — and other men of the World Cup.

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Beyond Donovan, other winners in our book include his U.S. teammate Heath Pearce, Yoann Gourcuff from France, Spain’s Fernando Torres and Tim Cahill from Australia.

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The USA looked set to crash out in the group stage in South Africa until Donovan’s dramatic added-time strike gave them a win they thoroughly deserved.

See the goal here.

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