PHOTOS: Tiger Woods Spends Time With Daughter

Tiger Woods is off the golf course and back on daddy duty. has photos of Tiger with his daughter Sam, as he picked her up on Monday. And despite spending time together, it appears that Tiger broke a vow he made about his children after being treated for sex addiction.

PHOTOS: Tiger Picks Up His Daughter

Sam’s third birthday was on Friday, June 18. When Tiger was in sex rehab he missed his son’s birthday and later said it was something he would regret for the rest of his life and never let happen again. has confirmed  that Sam was with her mother Elin in Florida on Saturday and it appears that she was not with Tiger on Friday in California as he played in the U.S. Open.

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It seems that Tiger’s pledge to turn over a new leaf has sufferd a setback.

In April, Tiger addressed his struggles in a press conference, opening up about the consequences of his actions including what he missed out on while in rehab. “Because of the time frame of it, I missed my son’s first birthday and that hurts. That hurts a lot and I vowed I’d never miss another one after that. I can’t go back to where I was.

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“It’s something I regret and probably will for the rest of my life.”

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Despite the heartfelt admission, it appears Tiger has continued to focus on other priorities.

Tiger’s wife Elin came back from China days before the U.S. Open began. She could have flown Sam out to be with Tiger or had one of her nannies go.

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