PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Models Sexy Lingerie At The Beach

A pair of UGG boots did the trick in hiding the SCRAM attached to Lindsay Lohan‘s ankle when the starlet posed for a lingerie shoot Saturday, and has all the pictures.

PHOTOS: Lindsay In Lingerie At The Beach

The setting was Malibu, of course, and Lindsay had her younger sister Ali there for support.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan Attends An Alcoholic Education Class

Famed photographer Ellen Von Unweth, who shot Lindsay a year ago for The London Times’ Style magazine, was behind the camera.

True to form, Von Unweth, who veers towards the erotic with her photo styling, had Lindsay pose with a bow and arrow, along with her bra and panties.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan In A Sexy White Bikini

Lindsay is back in court next month for a hearing to determine if she’s violated the terms of her DUI probation. As exclusively reported on Thursday, Lindsay has already taken and passed two random drug tests since her last court hearing.

Lindsay Lohan Has Two Clean Drug Tests

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