PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Goes Gaga Over The Yankees

Her unceremonious reception by Mets fans behind her, Lady Gaga has switched baseball allegiances. She’s now totally gaga over the New York Yankees.

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This being Lady G, the singer’s attire for Friday night’s game against the aforementioned Mets, was a tad revealing. She sported a Yankees shirt over a fashionable black bra and panties.

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The singer and two female friends sat in a VIP box and seemed totally in to the game.

Lady Gaga was even seen downing a beer which she explained in a Tweet to her fans, “I just kicked my ass in the gym, time to wash it down with an ice cold NY beer.”

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Unfortunately she couldn’t kick the Yankees’ collective asses into a winning performance. The Mets blanked them 4 – 0.

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