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No! no! Yes! Yes!

Say “NO” to unwanted hair with the new 8800 model of the popular no! no! hair removal system. Based on light therapy called Thermicon, up to now only available in doctor’s offices, the updated model makes it easier – especially on tricky areas like knees and underarms –  so that hair grows back thinner and lighter.

New additions to the 8800 include a tip status indicator, (like when to replace the Thermicon Tips and how much charge is left in the battery) adjustable heat/treatment levels, (because some places are just more sensitive than others), and slimmer attachments for hard to reach areas.

If you’ve tried to use it on your face before (we have – those pesky chin hairs!) the new model makes it so much more comfortable to treat the face, as well as  knees, elbows and bikini line.

The no! no! developers swear it delivers up to 94% hair reduction; we personally  just know it works!

$250 at https://www.my-no-no.com/