Matt LeBlanc Needs Friends To Help Him After Night Out Clubbing

Matt LeBlanc did perhaps just a tiny bit too much partying Saturday night in London, has learned.

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The former Friends star had spent the evening at the tony Ivy Club and Bungalow 8 with colleagues from the new sitcom he’s shooting in the UK.

But getting back to the limo for the drive to his hotel — well — that took the help of several friends to make happen.

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After starring in Friends with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Co., LeBlanc got the one spin-off from the iconic show. It was called Joey, after his character’s name, but crashed and burned in 2006 after just two seasons.

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LeBlanc’s new show is called Episodes. It’s about a sophisticated British husband-and-wife writing team who make a deal to produce a sitcom for the US but are then stuck with Matt LeBlanc as their leading man. It will premiere on Showtime this fall….with Matt LeBlanc playing Matt LeBlanc!

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