Lindsay Lohan Leans On Eminem

When Eminem‘s new CD “Recovery” leaked out this week, nobody took to it more than Lindsay Lohan, has learned.

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With the track called Talkin’ 2 Myself playing in her car, Lindsay Tweeted “Couldn’t relate to this song more some days….”

Lindsay also personalized the title of her burned CD, calling it “scram.Drama.Eminem.”

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Eminem’s battles with booze and drugs have been well-documented. He’s been in and out of treatment centers several times, and even had Elton John famously come to his assistance.

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Lindsay strongly maintains that she does not have a problem with alcohol, and does not need to be in treatment but she still connected to Eminem’s lyrics about being alone and “going insane.”

Is anybody out there?
It feels like I’m talkin to myself
No one seems to know my struggle
And everything I come from
Can anybody hear me?
It guess I keep talkin to myself
It feels like I’m going insane
Am I the one whose crazy?

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Lindsay has a date with Judge Marsha Revel next month to determine if she’s violated the terms of her DUI probation. High on the agenda is what happened to make her SCRAM send an alarm the night of the MTV Awards.

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Maybe Lindsay should ask Em to be there with her in court.

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