PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Has Fliers Gaga At Heathrow

Lady Gaga was anything but understated as she strode through London’s Heathrow Airport Friday. gives you a look at her outrageous traveling style.

PHOTOS:  Lady Gaga Flys In Style

Wearing a full-length, see-through tulle skirt and white bra, the singer topped off her ensemble with an open bright red jacket.  She was on her way back to New York after attending an Elton John bash.

PHOTOS:  Lady Gaga Falls Off Her Boots!

Lady Gaga obviously isn’t about to tone down her outfits even after causing more than a little controversy at recent NY Yankees and Mets games because of her revealing costumes and behavior.

PHOTOS:  Lady Gaga Cheers On The Yankees In Her Underwear

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