Kristen Stewart: “I’ve Never Gone Out With Someone I’ve Found Attractive”

While much of the world continues their swooning over Robert Pattinson, his on and off screen leading lady Kristen Stewart clearly did not have a case of love at first sight.

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“I’ve never really gone out with someone who I found attractive… initially,” she admits during a photo shoot for Flaunt Magazine. She adds with a laugh, “I mean, that’s just me.”

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Stewart clearly had a hard time pegging down what it is that catches her attention. “What to me is true beauty?” she asks as she squirms and looks away from the camera. “I don’t have an answer to that. What the f–k is true beauty? I know what they want from that but I don’t know how to be, like, ‘I really like it when boys are fun and dorky.’”

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She was more open about what her post-Twilight future looks like. “I have a really clear horizon right now,” she said. “I’m waiting for a couple of films I did last year to come out but I don’t know what my next job will is… to have a clean horizon is pretty nice.”

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