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Glee’s Showstoppers Edges STP, Justin Bieber For Top Spot On Charts. Again

Glee : The Music, Vol. 3 Showstoppers album stood atop the Billboard 200 charts Wednesday, edging out 90s grunge rockers Stone Temple Pilots and teen idol Justin Bieber to claim the plush No. 1 spot for the second week in a row.

Glee: The Music, Vol. 3 Showstoppers comes after sales of more than two million albums and seven million songs throughout the season, brings the total of Vol. 3 Showstopper’s sales to more than 200,000 albums sold in two weeks. The album features tunes from the second-half of the show’s first season, such as including Total Eclipse of the Heart, I Dreamed A Dream and Bad Romance.

Check out the video for “Faithfully” from the Season 1 finale

Next up from the Fox juggernaut: the new album, Journey to Regionals, hits shelves June 8, the same day the show’s finale airs on Fox.

To order all of the albums from Fox’s hit series Glee, check out www.iTunes.com.

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