FIRST LOOK: Lindsay’s Lusty Legging Campaign

She’s got leggings…and knows how to sell them!  The super hot and controversial star recently was recently snapped (before a SCRAM bracelet became her necessary accessory) by Marcus Klinko & Indrani for her 6126 Spring/Summer Collection, and has the sexy “Some Like it Hot” inspired photos for you!

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan’s Lusty Legging Photoshoot

The actress turned designer is making her debut on the Bravo series Double Exposure on Tuesday night, where she will be putting together the sexy photoshoot for the Spring/Summer 6126 collection.  Next week’s episode, will be all about the clothing and the actual shoot, where Lindsay will model all of her crafty clothing.

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“I absolutely love the spring collection,” Lohan gushes, “I really let my creativity run wild for spring, creating pieces that I hope will inspire our customers to have their own style.”

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Her favorite items in the collection?  “I am particularly drawn to the high-waisted leggings that really hold you in and create a beautiful silhouette.”

Tune into Bravo to catch Lindsay on Double Exposure at 10pm PST/EST.

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