EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Heidi & Spencer Before Their Wedding; The “Loving” Photos They Don’t Want You To See

A month before their highly publicized wedding last year, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt posed for a famed celebrity photographer. Most of the pictures taken that day have never before been seen. They are now, only on RadarOnline.com.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Heidi & Spencer – Before The Wedding

“A couple of weeks before the ceremony, they got together for this wedding shoot,” the photographer tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

But unlike most engaged couples who would want to be seen in the most loving of lights, Heidi and Spencer wanted the exact opposite!

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“They were supposed to look like they weren’t getting along,” the photographer says. This was following the story line of The Hills.

It was all a scripted drama.

The pictures were shot to throw everybody off so there would be controversy about their future.

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They were meant to act as if they weren’t getting along, but when the camera stopped, they seemed madly in love! There was a lot of kissing and hugging. They really seemed to be in love.

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After the posed pre-wedding pictures were taken, the pair got playful with a pair of exercise boxing gloves. Ironically, that’s when Heidi and Spencer were spontaneous and genuine, showing that they really were in love.

All of which begs the question, what’s going on with the couple now?

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Heidi has said they’ve split, but divorce papers have not been filed.

Could their separation be just another publicity stunt?

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