EXCLUSIVE: The Mystery Of Gary Coleman’s Fatal Fall “Not Worth Speculating,” Says Manager

Gary Coleman’s manager tells RadarOnline.com the mystery of the Diff’rent Strokes star’s fatal fall is “not worth speculating about”.

As we revealed, Coleman’s body has been turned over to Utah’s state medical examiners office for investigation.

The release of a chilling 911 call — in which Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price is heard telling the call handlers she heard a big bang — only raises more questions that it provides answers.

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Price, who quietly divorced Coleman in 2008, describes a ‘gory’ gash on the back of his head, says he is ‘bubbling at the mouth’ and there’s ‘blood everywhere’ as her husband moans in the background.

The 24-year-old begs the operator to make the ambulance hurry, but says she feels unable to help Coleman herself.

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“I’m gagging… I’ve got blood on myself… I can’t deal,” Price says.

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Sue and Willie Coleman, the pint-sized actor’s estranged parents, want Gary’s “wife” to reveal what led to their son’s hospitalization.

For its part, Santaquin Police has ruled out any criminal activity in the star’s death.

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“Our officers went out to the home and there was nothing suspicious, so there is no need to look into the death,” a spokesperson told RadarOnline.com.

The late actor’s manager John Alcantar said he had not heard the 911 call.

“Its been a tough time for his family and friends, which is to be expected,” John Alcantar told RadarOnline.com, in an exclusive interview.

He added he was not aware that Coleman’s parents have demanded answers as to what put their son in a coma.

“I don’t know what they’ve said… I have not been following it too closely because I know there will be things said, but it is not worth speculating about,” Alcantar added.

The late actor’s family is planning a memorial service  this weekend in Salt Lake City, but they haven’t yet decided whether it will be open to fans.

The final date will be determined at the end of the examiner’s investigation.

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Alcantar said Coleman’s Diff’rent Strokes co-star Todd Bridges had indicated he wanted to attend.

“Gary might lived a troubled last decade, but he was a good soul,” he said, “and most people did not get the chance to experience who he was.

“It is unfortunate that death has made everyone realize how much apart of our lives he was.”

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“He touched a lot of lives, now he is at peace, he doesn’t have pain and people should remember him for who he was.

“My concern is that Gary’s memory is remembered fondly.”

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