EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Ordered To Answer Questions About Drug Use

Three years after Lindsay Lohan was in a wild car chase that ended in Santa Monica, California, the Mean Girls star is being ordered to testify whether she used drugs that night, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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Judge Richard Fox ruled Thursday morning that Lindsay Lohan must answer questions as to whether she used cocaine the night she was arrested in 2007 after a joyride, which resulted in a lawsuit brought by people who were in the car. 

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Judge Fox said Lohan must be deposed after her July 6 probation violation hearing. Lohan’s powerhouse attorney, Edwin McPherson argued that his client shouldn’t be forced to answer the questions based on her Fifth Amendment rights, but the judge didn’t see it that way. McPherson was able to sway the judge and allow the deposition to take place at his office in Century City because it’s more secure than where Lohan was previously deposed in Venice, where a media onslaught was camped out.

The deposition will have a time limit of two hours.

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McPherson told the court, “This lawsuit is about a two minute chase that ruined her (passenger Tracie Rice)…did this ruin her life? That will be up to the jury decide.”

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Rice’s lawyer, Paul Hoffman, fired back, “Lindsay Lohan behaved in an outrageous way. It’s up to the jury to decide what the damages are.”

After the proceedings, McPherson told RadarOnline.com exclusively, “It’s my understanding that my client will have to answer whether or not she used drugs that night. They (plaintiff’s lawyers) need to get out of the clouds before we can talk about a settlement. We will be going to trial on July 26th.”

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McPherson also went on to say that a settlement offer had been presented by the plaintiff’s but it was “rejected.”

McPherson emphasized again, “We will be going to trial.”

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