EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan Can’t Get Fair Trial, Says Lawyer

A judge might be forcing Lindsay Lohan to come clean about her drug use on the night she was arrested on a DUI in 2007, but according to her high-powered lawyer, the troubled actor simply won’t get a fair trial.

Judge Richard Fox
ruled Thursday that Lohan must answer questions as to whether she used cocaine the night she was arrested in 2007 after a joyride, which resulted in a lawsuit brought by people who were in the car.

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But her lawyer, Ed McPherson, tells RadarOnline: “I don’t believe my client can get a fair trial in Beverly Hills. In fact, I don’t think Lindsay could get a fair trial anywhere in California.”

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Despite the protest, McPherson said it would be pointless to change the venue for the civil trial, set to begin on July 26.

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The passengers of the car are suing Lohan for what McPherson described as a “two minute event,” which culminated in his client being arrested. 

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McPherson successfully had the venue for Lohan’s second deposition venue changed to his office, with a time limit of two hours.

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In court yesterday, McPherson said: “This lawsuit is about a two minute chase that ruined her life (passenger Tracie Rice)… did this ruin her life? That will be up to the jury to decide.”

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