EXCLUSIVE: Judge Judy Rules: Jon Gosselin Who?

By Alexis Tereszcuk - Radar Entertainment Editor

Hello? Can you hear me now?

Suri Cruise hasn’t seen her daddy Tom in almost two months but the little girl was spotted chatting on her cell phone Wednesday and RadarOnline.com has the photos of the happy dance she was doing while talking.

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Suri looked adorable in her pink shirt, skirt and sweater with little red sparkly shoes completing her outfit while she skipped and jumped around her mom, Katie Holmes.

Even her red flowered cell phone case matched her outfit!


Sorry Hailey Glassman, it looks like you may have to find another celebrity judge to hear your case against Jon Gosselin.

After RadarOnline.com reported that the 23-year-old wanted to sue her ex for legal fees on the popular court show, we reached out to Judge Judy to see if there was any interest.

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An executive producer for the show told RadarOnline.com that Judge Judy wants nothing to do with the dad of 8 and his out for revenge ex-girlfriend.

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“It is highly likely that Judge Judy has no idea who these people are,” executive producer Timothy Regler told RadarOnline.com. “She is not a performer, she is a judge and she’s a celebrity purely because of the show.”

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Regler said Judge Judy’s show does not like to associate itself with gossip and would never have reality stars on the show.

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“It’s not something we do. We don’t do stunt casting on our show,” Regler told RadarOnline.com. “Something to do with gossip, she [Judge Judy] would want nothing to do with. We are not looking for that kind of publicity.


“The celebrity status would be a distraction and Judge Judy is only concerned with what happens in her courtroom.”

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Case closed!

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Hailey told RadarOnline.com that she wants to sue Jon for the legal fees she incurred after he blamed her for his apartment break-in in December. Jon claimed she stole furniture and a TV. But RadarOnline.com posted text messages from Jon to Hailey in which he admits he gave her the furniture and TV as “a gift.”

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