EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James Still Planning A Texas Move And Hoping For Reunion With Sandra Bullock

By Debbie Emery - Radar Reporter

The finger of blame for the TODAY ratings crisis has been firmly pointed at Matt Lauer lately, but the morning anchor's big boss has now openly defended him and said he is not to blame for the recent numbers slump.

Executive producer Jim Bell went to bat for the long time host on Wednesday, when he admitted that: "We had to make some tough calls. We’re taking some shots. But that’s okay. We have the right team in place now. We’re just trying to move forward here," reported The Hollywood Reporter.

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Jesse James still plans to move to Texas and believes he can get back with Sandra Bullock, RadarOnline.com can reveal.

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“Jesse wants to be back with Sandy and he will do whatever it takes– he is serious about moving back to Texas,” a source close to the situation told RadarOnline.com. “He wants to take Sunny and there have also been talks about his first wife Karla and his other two kids Chandler and Jesse James Jr. moving there too.”

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The big stumbling block for the motor bike mogul is that he’s currently involved in a custody battle with his former wife Janine Lindemulder over their 7-year-old daughter Sunny.

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“The whole thing is surreal but it’s understood that Sandra has not totally blocked the proposal and she is still very much talking with Jesse behind the scenes.”

Bullock has grown very close to Sunny and even looked after while her mom was in prison for tax evasion. Before news of James’ cheating broke, Bullock wrote a letter to the courts siding with James and claiming that Lindemulder was an unfit mom.

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The former porn star hopefully will get to see Sunny on Friday for the first time in four months since Commissioner Thomas Schulte greenlit a supervised visit at Orange County Family Court on Thursday.

The two sides will be back in court next week ready to thrash out their differences, decide on Sunny’s future and figure out whether James will be permitted to move to Texas. Court-appointed child attorney Loni Klein has spoken to all sides about what would be in the best interests of Sunny.

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“It’s not certain what will happen. If Janine can regain her custody rights then it will be very difficult for Jesse to take Sunny to live in Texas,” the source said. “Klein has concerns that Janine will put her husband Jeremy Aikman before her daughter but Janine has told the official she would divorce convicted felon Aikman if it meant she would lose her rights over Sunny.

“Klein has to be impartial and try and figure out what is best for Sunny but Jesse is making a strong case about moving to Texas.

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“Despite the fact Janine has publicly thanked Sandra for looking after Sunny the two women have a very ‘cool relationship,’” the sourced added. “Jesse hates the fact that Janine is the mother of his child but she is not going away and she will fight tooth and nail to be able to establish legal rights to see Sunny.

“At the same time Jesse wants to be with Sandra and he will do whatever it takes to try and make that happen. He knows that she has emotional ties to his daughter and his other two kids and believes that their future is out of the limelight in California now.”

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