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EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore's Snooki Kicked Out Of Bar As She Battles Another Girl Over Secret Boyfriend

Jersey Shore’s feisty female Snooki is just as badly behaved in real life as she is on the hit MTV show – partying hard, getting in bar fights and even hiding a secret boyfriend.

RadarOnline.com has exclusive details and photos of one of Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi’s wild nights out on the town.


After telling David Letterman that childhood pal and prom date, Kenny Hitzel, “was just a friend,” RadarOnline.com has uncovered the truth behind their relationship.

Just three weeks ago, Snooki, 23, hit the club Torches in Newburgh, New York, with none other than Hitzel and her best girlfriend, Stephanie Griner.

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What started as a fun night out ended in a girl fight between the two BFFs over Kenny. A fellow partier reports that Snooki freaked out because Griner was grinding on Hitzel, and screeched: “Stephanie your v****** is too close to Kenny’s p****!”

After an outburst of “guido-screaming and hand flaring,” the tanned trouble-maker and her sparing partner were kicked out, but then allowed back in to continue boozing when the bar manager realized she was a reality show star.

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Before long, another fight started between the girls and finally the object of their affection decided to ditch the drama and leave.

Kenny, 25, who has owned a blue Camaro since he was 15 but can’t drive, was picked up by his parents and driven home.

Snooki’s Butt-Waggling Body Shots

But the drunken shenanigans didn’t end there.

Snooki began sending sexy text messages to Hitzel, who out of sheer frustration from being stranded at his parents’ house without a ride punched a wall and broke his hand.

RadarOnline.com has exclusive photos of Kenny in a cast, and the girls in a compromising position on another alcohol-fueled evening.

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Although Snooki has denied she has any feelings for old flame, the couple still seems to be hot and heavy!