EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ted Koppel’s Son Could Have Been Saved

The woman who lives in the apartment where Ted Koppel‘s son died of an overdose has told RadarOnline.com she should have called 911 immediately – a move that could have saved his life.

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Belinda Caban — who watched television with a friend for four hours while Andrew Koppel, 40, lay dead in her New York City apartment — said if she had known he had taken such a deadly cocktail of drugs, she would have called for help.

Ted Koppel’s Son Died From Combining Cocaine, Heroin, Valium And Alcohol

Caban, 53, was inadvertently dragged into the drama when her friend Russell Wimberly brought the heavily-intoxicated son of the former Nightline newsman, to her Washington Heights, New York apartment following a 12-hour drink and drug binge on May 31.

She was unaware that he had taken drugs, so she simply told her waiter pal to put Koppel in the bedroom to sleep off the booze, where he later died and laid undiscovered for hours.

Ted Koppel’s Son Found Dead After A Night Of Partying

“He (Wimberly) came in here telling me he was drinking, if I had known he was on drugs then I would have done things differently,” Caban told RadarOnline.com.

“But my friend was saying he was drunk so I took it that way.”

A remorseful Caban questioned, “We could have done something differently.”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Ted Koppel’s Son Dead For 4 Hours While Friends Chatted In Next Room

A toxicology report revealed that Koppel had a fatal combination of heroin, cocaine, valium and alcohol in his system when he died.

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Wimberly and Koppel met at Smith’s Bar and Restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen at around noon of May 30, and proceeded to go on a 12-hour bar-hopping bender around the area.

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Caban said that she has since cut off all contact with Wimberly because she is so distraught by Koppel’s death.

“I don’t talk to Russell anymore,” she revealed. “It just got to me.”

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Andrew’s father, Ted Koppel, has made no attempt to contact Caban, she added.

“His dad never came here,” she said.

“If my son died, I would show up to find out what happened. I would have wanted to see the person who saw him last, I would have wanted to see who my son was with last.”

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