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EXCLUSIVE HOME VIDEO: Jon Gosselin’s Drunken Confessions

It’s Jon Gosselin like you have never seen him before. RadarOnline.com has obtained another home video of the father of eight on vacation in St. Tropez, France, with ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman. This time, his drug of choice is booze.


In this never-before-seen RadarOnline.com video exclusive, the former reality television dad is seen smoking and heard recalling his benders in France with celebrity pal Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier.

“I was so drunk last night,” Jon babbles.

“We went to a club with Christian… I’d pronounce it but it’d sound like verbal diarrhea coming out of my mouth.”

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To the giggles of Hailey, Jon plays with the drawstring on his board shorts and runs his fingers through his hair.

“It was a totally cool club,” he says. “They brought out a bottle of Crystal from 2000… These people pay like $15,000 for champagne… all my clothes became soaked in champagne.”

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As RadarOnline.com reported, Jon flew with Glassman to the French retreat, where the couple partied not soon after his separation from wife Kate.

At the time, Kate was home in Pennsylvania taking care of the couple’s brood of eight. According to a source, the couple spent the vacation drinking expensive champagne and “smoking spliffs” — marijuana mixed with tobacco.

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In the video, Jon also continues to trash France, the people, their culture and food. “This is the most expensive hotel we’ve ever stayed in,” the former lovebirds joked to each other. “We have the biggest bed ever… they pushed two twins together.”

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Hailey, who plays amateur cameraperson in the video, laughs hysterically while filming her beau at his most candid. As Hailey drinks from a bottle of Evian water, Jon jokes: “They probably dipped that bottle in the toilet and put a lid on it.”

The couple then go on to criticize the people of St. Tropez. “Everyone is annoying,” Hailey says into the camera.

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Jon laughs and adds: “The only nice things here are the cars… and the boats.”

He then gets out of his chair, walks up to the camera and hikes his shorts up to his hips in a move reminiscent of the fictitious character Steve Urkel from the 1990’s sitcom Family Matters.

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A source has said Jon and Hailey were “stoned out of their minds” while in St. Tropez.

“He was so drunk, he came home at four in the morning,” Hailey admits to the camera. “He snores and he always told me that when he snores to pinch his nose… so when I did, he was so drunk, he stopped breathing.”

The two then break into a chorus of laughter.

“Yeah, she saved my life,” Jon admits.