EXCLUSIVE: Heidi Montag & New Love Cougar Zank Try To Cash In On Their Affair

The recent scandalous Speidi split is reaching new levels of ridiculousness as Spencer Pratt‘s estranged wife, Heidi Montag, and her new boyfriend, Cougar Zank, are now shopping their story and trying to turn their affair into another money-making moment.

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RadarOnline.com received an exclusive call from Zank, 39, Spencer Pratt’s former BFF, saying that the reality TV princess was “on board and wanted to do it.”

Heidi could be heard in the background shouting, ala Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire, “Show me the money!”

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Zank told RadarOnline that he and Heidi have been dating for the past three weeks and he has video of them picnicking together. The pair has been asking some media outlets up to $30,000 for the footage and juicy details on their relationship.

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Zank, who’s real name is Paul Robert Korzenko, has a colorful criminal record, RadarOnline.com was first to exclusively report, which included run-ins with law enforcement and multiple DUIs in 1996, and battery against a spouse or person cohabiting and possession of pot in 2000.

All of those charges were dismissed or dropped.

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Montag, 23, has been shacking up with Marine-turned-bodyguard, Zank, since she filed for legal separation from hubby Pratt on June 8th (in front a camera crew, of course!).

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But it is suspected that the whole thing could be just attempt by the attention-seeking reality stars to get publicity and Pratt is actually in on the act.

Don’t be surprised if the next story Heidi and Spencer try to sell is spilling secrets on their romantic reunion!

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