EXCLUSIVE: Fragile Peace Between Michael & Dina Lohan Has Ended

The short-lived peace treaty between warring ex’s Michael and Dina Lohan is over. But then again, is anyone really surprised?

Following his daughter Lindsay Lohan’s probation violation on Tuesday, in which the judge ruled that the 23-year-old actress’s blood showed a slight amount of alcohol after her SCRAM bracelet went off, Michael lashed out at the mother of his kids in an exclusive statement to RadarOnline.com.

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“I am so sick of all the lies and hidden agendas which continue to put my children at risk,” Lohan told us. “After attempting to resolve things in family court with (DIN) I (A) L, I was hoping she would live up to her promises as I have and will continue to, in an effort to get on the same page with our children.”

Michael continues, “But evidently, after getting what she wanted, as usual, she is right back to ‘playing’ her games with our children, and the public as well. It’s obvious where Lindsay got her penchant for FIBBS and other things.”

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Michael then starts in on Dina’s family and, in true Michael Lohan form, threatens to out more of the family secrets.

“If (DIN) i (A) L, her cohorts or her family members want to challenge me, let them, because if they do, everyone will know the truth about the money, how deals fell apart because of greed and envy and how people in her family continue to point fingers (even at a funeral) in order to take the blame off themselves and place it on others. This is a family trait in EVERY ONE of them!”

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In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com on Tuesday, Lindsay said, “I’m well, working to get proof that I did not tamper with the bracelet or drink.”  She went on to say that “these accusations are completely false.”

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Lindsay’s SCRAM bracelet went off Sunday night following the MTV Movie Awards, where she was spotted partying until the early hours of the morning.

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