EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Conrad Murray – “We’re Going To Trial”

The lawyer for Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray has admitted there will be no plea bargain in his client’s involuntary manslaughter case.

“It simply won’t happen,” lawyer Ed Chernoff told RadarOnline.com, before a scheduled hearing Monday on a motion to suspend Dr. Murray’s medical license, in addition to the criminal charges he faces in the death of Jackson.

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“We are going to trial because Dr. Murray is not guilty.”

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The office of California’s attorney general is trying for a fourth time, on behalf of the state’s medical board, to suspend Dr. Murray’s medical license.

If that happens, Murray’s attorneys say, Nevada and Texas, where Dr. Murray also practices, are likely to follow suit.

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Said Chernoff, “The hearing (Monday) will deal with housekeeping issues from scheduling the preliminary hearing to dealing with the Medical Board of California requesting to restrict my client’s medical license.

“We haven’t received all the discovery yet, and I’m sure the prosecution is working as hard as they can to turn that over to us.”

VIDEO: Crowd Shouts ?Murderer? At Dr. Murray As He Arrives At Court

Meanwhile, some of Murray’s patients in Houston, Texas, are planning a rally to coincide with his scheduled hearing.

“When Dr. Murray goes to court, he is accosted by people wearing black arm bands, and yelling ‘murderer’ at him, so to have his friends, patients and the community do this really buoys Dr. Murray’s spirits,” Chernoff told RadarOnline.com.

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“Dr. Murray’s supporters wanted to come to Los Angeles, but his patients are working class people, and they couldn’t afford the expense of traveling to Los Angeles for the hearing.”

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