EXCLUSIVE: Britney Spears Still Not Free From Dad’s Control; Conservatorship Battle Rages On

Janet Jackson may sing about being in Control – but Britney Spears can only dream about it.

Spears’ battle to regain control of her vast fortune rages on, RadarOnline.com has learned, with no end in sight.

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On Thursday morning, Spears, 28, will have a conservatorship status hearing in a Los Angeles courtroom.

A source close to Spears exclusively tells RadarOnline.com, “Britney won’t be in court for the hearing. It seems highly unlikely that the conservatorship will end by the end of summer. Britney’s just not ready, yet. She has her good days and bad days. Britney has complex issues that on a personal and professional level, and that is the reason the conservatorship is still in place.”

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L.A. Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz is the sole person who can determine if and when the conservatorship will end. When that time comes, a formal hearing will take place, and if the Judge has enough evidence to support ending the conservatorship, she will at the appropriate time.

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Spears – who has had a history of erratic behavior – has been under conservatorship since 2008. Under the decree, Spears’ father Jamie has control over her financial and medical affairs.

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