The Eagle’s Joe Walsh Asks For Restraining Order, Wants Neighbor To Take It Easy

A court has issued a permanent restraining order against the 70-year-old neighbor of Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh… telling him to Take It Easy!

SEE THE COURT DOCUMENTS: The Eagle’s Joe Walsh Asks For Restraining Order

Nassar Adhoot threatened to kill Walsh and beat his assistant with a wooden block after he trespassed onto the musician’s private property.

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Walsh was so shocked by his neighbor’s behavior, he immediately filed for a restraining order at the Los Angeles Superior Court.

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A judge passed the order on Monday, ordering Adhoot to stay 180 yards away from the Eagle, his family and their staff.

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It will remain in effect until 2013.

In a day of losses for the aging Adhoot, he was also slugged with Walsh’s attorney’s fees of $1500.00.

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