The Do’s And Don’ts Of Wild Wear

Animal prints are a staple in almost every starlet’s wardrobe, but this season we have seen a lot more wild prints on and off the red carpet!

There are infinite ways to wear leopard spots and zebra stripes, but most importantly, are the ways not to!

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Kate Hudson In The Do’s And Don’ts Of Leopard

Jennifer Lopez has definitely established herself as Queen of the Jungle this year. The Latina bombshell has been spotted (literally) in luxurious
leopard prints from such high fashion designers as Monique Lhuillier and Roberto Cavalli.

What makes the look work for J. Lo?

The devastatingly gorgeous diva opts for classic and sophisticated prints, which she impeccably accessories with elements from the same color palate.

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Snooki, on the other hand has multi-animalistic tendencies. The Jersey Shore star can never choose just one animal print, so she wears dresses and bathing suits, which feature both (and usually in frighteningly bright colors!).

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From Mischa Barton to Sarah Jessica Parker, learn about the Do’s and Don’ts of animal print, by checking out the gallery in Style.

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