Courthouse Crowd Chants ‘Murderer’ At Michael Jackson’s Doctor

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As Dr. Conrad Murray entered a Los Angeles courtroom on Monday regarding his medical license, he was greeted by chants of “murderer,” has learned.

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Murray, who will find out if his medical license will be suspended, is also facing criminal charges in the death of pop star Michael Jackson. Jackson supporters rallied inside and outside the courthouse to condemn Murray. People lining the hallways whispered “murderer” as the doctor and his legal team proceeded towards the courtroom.

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Once there, a stoic-looking Murray scanned the audience and glanced at the Jackson members assembled- Michael’s parents Joe and Katherine and his siblings Tito and La Toya. He had no expression in his eyes as he surveyed the Jacksons and the scene.

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“The hearing will deal with housekeeping issues from scheduling the preliminary hearing to dealing with the Medical Board of California requesting to restrict my client’s medical license,” his lawyer Ed Chernoff told

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